Ty Lumnus

13:00 - 14:00 on the 4th Friday of the month

"Ty Lumnus is an artist who has been honing his craft as a multi instrumentalist and producer for a number of years. His sound evolving over time, Ty settled on modular synths as his instrument(s) of choice - enabling a freedom to work and write that no other instruments had previously offered. A prolific producer, every week Ty releases a new output on his YouTube channel (click that link for a sneak peek).

Aside from creating musical outputs, records have been the one true constant in his life. As his preferred medium for listening to music, it's what he will be playing on RBV. Experimental and electronic is what keeps his blood flowing. It could be ambient or brutal and maybe both. Dystopian or optimistic. Restless or beatless. As long as it stirs his emotions it it has a rightful place on his playlist.

Ty Lumnus also runs Attack Release, a monthly night showcasing the very best in live experimental electronic music. Speckled throughout his monthly RBV show, you will hear music from some of his guests. Tune in to discover your new obsession."