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We are always on the lookout for new artists, DJ’s and show ideas. We aim to encourage, support and promote show hosts from all backgrounds and experience levels, from Glasgow and beyond. You do not have to be a professional DJ, just someone with a great physical or digital music collection, passion and/or an original idea. 

Shows can be done live in our station, pre-recorded and sent to us or done live remotely, so geographic location is no barrier.

There is no charge to host shows on Radio Buena Vida.

We are particularly keen to support people who may face or experience barriers from socio-economically disadvantaged backgrounds, women, trans and non-binary people, POC and members of the LGBTQI+ community.

As an independent station, we want to support independent artists, music and labels and are therefore not looking for show proposals for commercial/mainstream pop or EDM

All applications are welcome, however, we will be prioritising applications which fall under the following criteria:


As a community station, we are keen to work collaboratively with those working in the creative industries throughout Scotland.

To date, we have collaborated with The Sub Club, Queens Park Arena, EHFM, Some Great Reward, The Rum Shack, Pop Mutations, Stereo, Attack Release, The Landing Hub and Silk Road Deli for events, Greater Govanhill Magazine and Document Film Festival for radio shows and with FUSE, Sub City Radio and The Wave for station takeovers.

We are delighted to work with and have partnerships with Signal Sounds, Rubadub and Ballantine’s True Music who have provided a mix of equipment and support.

We are also keen to make pre-event radio slots available for any guest DJs, bands or artists who are playing in Glasgow. This presents the opportunity to further promote the event in advance. Radio shows can be used as a chance to find out more about the DJ, band or artist by way of an interview/chat-based show or straight-up mix of music.

We have collaborated with the promoters of Glasgow club nights Numbers, Shakara, Erosion, Hang Tough, I Love Acid and A Cut Above and more to feature pre-club shows from Shannen SP, Me Gusta, Al Wootton, Breaka, Bakey, Posthuman, Acid Boner & OITO // OITO respectively.

We also encourage international record labels, artists, radio stations and organisations aligned to RBV’s ethos to reach out.

If you are a music collective, arts organisation, community enterprise, promoter or event organiser with a project idea you would like to collaborate on with Radio Buena Vida then get in touch with us at 

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If you’ve been enjoying Radio Buena Vida and are in a position to help support us financially, you can sign up to become a monthly RBV Patron or make a donation via Paypal. RBV Patrons get perks and discounts as well as access to advance sale tickets. Your monthly contribution plays a vital role in helping with the operational costs of the station so we can continue to offer Radio Buena Vida as a free platform for the sounds and voices of local, national and international talent.

Give Us Your Feedback

We aim to be a welcoming platform to everyone who steps up to the turntables and we would be nothing without the fantastic DJs and hosts who provide us with a rich variety of shows. Equally, we would be nothing without you, the listener, so whether you’ve tuned in once or do so on a weekly basis; thank you.

If you are a Radio Buena Vida listener and can spare 5 mins, we’d love to hear your feedback on what you think of the station, how we’re doing and how we can improve.