High Rise Records

17:00 - 18:00 on the 1st Thursday every odd month

"High Rise Records is a Glasgow-based collective of rap artists, producers and DJs that collaborate together to make music and put on shows which are illustrative of the city's rich sub-cultures. The collective consists of rappers Illyas and Yasenkov, DJ and producer KALUM as well as co-founders Mascia, Aksent and P Caso who are also rap artists. High Rise's residency is one which is representative of the wider rap scene in Scotland as well as of the collective's work and particular music tastes such as alternative hip hop, UK rap, grime and trap music.

On the show, you can expect to hear upcoming releases from the label, live performances and at times some special guests. High Rise aims to be a voice for alternative artists in the scene who are often underrepresented and hopes to bring more attention to the music they feel deserves to be highlighted. "