Corduroy Dreams

16:00 - 17:00 on the 1st Sunday every odd month

"Corduroy Dreams is the DJ duo of two Glasgow-based pals, Georgios and Lisa. You may rightfully be wondering how their mutual appreciation of chonky corduroy extends to their musical tastes. Much like the fabric, their on-the-spot curation of tunes delivers mixes that are funky and timeless. Their musical curiosity uncovers sounds from both decades ago and fresh off the press, carefully fusing vintage sonic gems with trailblazing modernity.

Although no two Corduroy Dreams are the same nor defined by a single genre, the duo are big proponents of the thick basslines, crunchy synths, rising pianos, and dance-summoning cowbells often found in house, disco, and italo selections. Their inspiration comes from many sources: from iconic dancefloor milestones of the past to modern politics and off-kilter bangers.

Their show selects music to evoke a sense of soulfulness and daydreaming. While holding the reins of the station, they want listeners to escape their immediate reality and go down a mental rabbit hole of their choosing. On the rare occasion, listeners will get to experience the duo’s darker, frenzied techno alter egos. "