Allison Palum

17:00 - 18:00 on the 4th Saturday of the month

"Allison Palum is a music lover, music maker, and designer based in Glasgow by way of Western New York.

Their musical centre of gravity is rock, and their exploration of the genre flows from folk and bluegrass, to grunge punk, to singer-songwriter indie. They believe that fandom is political and want to celebrate the voices of marginalised artists.

With their show Queer As In..., they explore different queer rock artists with every show in an attempt to illustrate how queer people have created and influenced rock music in all of its forms. In the words of Carrie Brownstein, ""To be a fan is to know that loving trumps being beloved."" Queer As In... is a celebration of this- of being completely obsessed with and in awe of the musicians we love."