20:00 - 21:00 on the 3rd Thursday of every odd month

"manu_facturer started producing & playing back in 2019.

His production style ranges from industrial, minimal to dark ambient. Thanks to the use of field recorded sound, combined with analog hardware he has managed to create a sound that is individual to him.

In August of 2021, he started up his night, A.D.S.R, with Kalopsia and 3SBAT as residents. They run bi-monthly nights in La Cheetah. Since then they have hosted the likes of Liza Aikin, Ctrls, Galaxian, Yant and Lesser Of. A new residency in Exit is starting at the end of 2024.

manu_facturer has supported the likes of Public Energy, Setaoc Mass, and Trym, at venues around Glasgow such as SWG3, Room 2 and La Cheetah. He most recently played his debut live set for Attack/Release.

He mixes a blend of Industrial break and minimal techno, playing tracks by newer artists like; Quelza, Öspiel, CVNSUMED and Nørbak and also veterans such as; Dasha Rush, Sleeparchive, Reeko and Speedy J. He also cites them as inspirations in his productions.

He has just been booked for his first festival appearance at Riverside.

His most recent releases are out on Revok Records, Rhythm and Avoidant.

For the show he plans to play tracks from the artists above and more, also including many of his own tracks. "