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Jacques Peugeot

1st Saturday // 15:00 - 16:00 // Bi-Monthly

Jacques Peugeot is the avant-garde name of a mysterious working class teenage native of Lebu; a fishing town on the southern region of Bio-Bio, Chile, who has made a name for himself with DJ sets full of house, pop, space-age, funk, jazz, concrete music, and 60s French soundtracks.

Inspired by 90s retro-modernist acts like Soda Stereo, Stereolab, Chilean DJ, Magi-K (now known as Luciano) and the space-age fashion and aesthetics of 50s and 60s haute couture designers Pierre Cardin and André Courrèges, his first steps in DJing were as a resident on the historical Club S* in 2019, with his duo Gabo Dance at the age of 13 before leaving a year later due to health and addiction reasons. In 2021 he met Canadian legend Raf Reza and internationalized his career on the Nought To Do show on Clyde Built Radio before reaching out to the RBV crew, leading to his "Series" residency.

In November 2021 he published his first independent 2 part mix, Sexeaux & Manicomium, defining himself as one of the best DJs to exist in the region and the first Chilean ever to do a radio show in Europe at just 15 years old. He is pushing forward his career working with Metrodance in Argentina and diving into his 7000-strong collection of vinyl and CDs. Don't be surprised if he releases a solo album or clothing range soon, defining vanguard and style from the cold streets and fishes of Lebu, Chile. Bio by Gouzes