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3rd Friday // 18:00 - 19:00 // Monthly

HUSS is an Arab visual + creative director based between Cairo and Glasgow, working throughout mediums to explore personal and cultural themes. His discipline involves experimenting with and combining elements such as installation, sculpture, visuals and audio to culminate in immersive performance pieces.

Huss uses his work as a performance/visual artist to raise awareness of issues facing the Middle East that lack acknowledgement within western society. Reflecting on his experience in Scotland and the internal conflict it has created surrounding his identity, Huss is producing work that both immerses and educates the listener.

His radio show "CONVERSATIONS FROM CAIRO" is his way of reconnecting with home and most importantly, highlighting amazing Arab talent which he believes is very underrepresented here. Every show features one of his favourite artists from Egypt where they chat and play current favourite songs all remotely from two places he says he's happy and lucky to call home. His hope is this show opens up well needed conversations to a more western society.